VW Audi DQ200/0AM Mechatronix Unit Common Fault Codes

Volkswagen and Audi vehicles with DQ200 / 0AM mechatronics units often experience common faults that interfere with their regular operation.

At Eurotech Autohaus, we are no strangers to these issues and have the expertise to diagnose and repair them efficiently.

Often, we can forego replacing the entire mechatronics unit, repairing the failed sensors and actuators individually, providing a cost-effective solution to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Common Fault Codes

The DQ200 / 0AM mechatronics unit can exhibit several fault codes that indicate sensor or actuator failures. These issues are also prevalent in other VW Audi 7-speed gearboxes, including the DQ380, DQ381, and DQ500. Common fault codes include:

  • P17BF00: Hydraulic pump fault
  • P189C00: Gear selector 1 cannot be regulated
  • P189C00: Gear selector 2 cannot be regulated
  • P177B00: Gear selector 1 sensor fault
  • P177C00: Gear selector 2 sensor fault

The Problem

These fault codes often point to problems within the mechatronics unit, which controls the gearbox’s hydraulic and electronic systems. Symptoms of these faults include difficulty shifting, the gearbox getting stuck in a specific gear, or complete transmission failure. These can significantly affect the normal use of your vehicle.

Diagnosis and Repair

At Eurotech Autohaus, our expert technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to identify the exact cause of the issues within the DQ200 / 0AM mechatronics unit.

Repair Process:

  1. Advanced Diagnostics: Our technicians perform a detailed diagnostic check to pinpoint the specific sensors or actuators that have failed.
  2. Individual Component Repair: In most cases, we can rectify the faults by repairing the individual failed sensors and actuators without needing to replace the entire mechatronics unit.
  3. Mechatronics Replacement: In situations where the mechatronics unit needs to be replaced, we handle the entire process in-house, including all necessary coding and programming procedures.

Cost Efficiency

Our repair solutions are significantly more cost-effective than replacing the entire mechatronics unit. Repairing the unit typically costs less than half the price of a full replacement. This is especially important given the common occurrence of these faults.

Why Choose Eurotech Autohaus

  • Expert Technicians: Our team has extensive experience with VW and Audi gearboxes, ensuring precise and efficient repairs.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: We use the latest diagnostic equipment to accurately identify and fix issues.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Our repair services are less than half the price of full replacements, providing you with significant savings.
  • Comprehensive Service: We handle all coding and programming in-house, ensuring your vehicle is ready to go as soon as repairs are complete.

If your VW or Audi is experiencing issues with the DQ200 / 0AM mechatronics unit, don’t hesitate to contact Eurotech Autohaus. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and repair the problem, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and reliably.

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