Engine Performance

When a vehicle’s engine is well-maintained, the engine can run for miles in the six-digit range. How do you ensure maximum engine performance and engine efficiency? By investing in regular maintenance and inspections.


A vehicle log book is a guide provided by the vehicle manufacturer’s containing information on the specified or recommended service requirements. It guides your mechanic on exactly what needs attention at that specific service interval. It is also used as record of Services performed. Completing these services on time helps to preserve your vehicle’s re-sale value, extend the life of the car and to maintain the warranty.

  • Change your oil. This is key. Oil is the lifeblood of your car and integral to engine performance.
  • Change the air filter as needed.
  • Replace the spark plugs according to vehicle manufacturer recommendations.
  • Maintain recommended air pressure in your tires. This affects your fuel economy and vehicle safety.
  • Maintain proper vehicle alignment. This affects tire life, ride stability and also affects your fuel economy.
  • Pay attention to your vehicle gauges and dashboard warning lights. If a check engine light is on, get your car diagnosed.
  • Get regular brake checks and courtesy inspections (both of which Firestone Complete Auto Care offers for free).


The best way to prevent costly transmission repairs is to keep your transmission fluid fresh. At Eurotech Autohaus, we can remove your old transmission fluid, perform a complete flush of your transmission system, and install new, premium-quality fluid.

  • Don’t drive on an empty tank.
  • Don’t unnecessarily rev your engine while the car’s in neutral or park.
  • Don’t accelerate hard when the engine is still cold and has not reached normal operating temperatures.

When you take care of your car as a whole and keep up with all the recommended maintenance, your car will reward you with strong engine performance, longevity and fuel efficiency. Visit Eurotech Autohaus for any of your engine repair and maintenance needs. Eurotech Autohaus services and repairs are backed with our guarantee: your car will be fixed right and right on time.

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Eurotech Autohaus is a European car specialist and general automotive workshop located at 24 Radius loop in Bayswater.

We offer a complete range of repairs, from logbook services, brakes, and suspension repairs to engine, transmission and auto electrical repairs, including state-of-the-art diagnostic scan tools.



Our technicians have over 80 years combined experience and are well trained in working with all makes and models of European vehicles.



As an independent workshop, we take the time to keep you updated on every step of the process, as we respect and appreciate your time with us.



We provide only the best in automotive parts choosing only factory grade parts as replacements as opposed to workshops who use second hand/ non-genuine parts.