Comfort System

We want to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We want our seats to move backward and forward at the touch of a button and we want our tires to tell us when the air pressure is low. And we don’t want to have to remember to turn our lights off. All of these convenient and comfort desires mean more bells and whistles on our automobiles that need to be kept in proper working order.


Most modern cars have automotive climate control, which uses a mixture of air conditioning and heating to keep the interior temperature of your vehicle at a comfortable level. Like any other aspect of your car, the climate control system requires regular inspection and maintenance to make sure it is working efficiently.

Our technicians at Eurotech Autohaus can quickly inspect, repair or service your climate control system either as part of a preventive maintenance program, or as an individual service.


Having your air conditioning system checked and serviced regularly helps avoid expensive bills in the long run. System leak repairs and recharging can also be carried out by our certified technicians. We work on recharging, cleaning, inspecting and refrigerant recovery. We can install vehicle A/C systems as well as repair any existing malfunctioning air conditioning system.

If you smell some foul air coming from your ac vents when you turn it on or hear a strange noise coming from under the hood or behind the dash when you turn it on, bring your car to Eurotech Autohaus.

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Comfort System

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Why choose Us?

Eurotech Autohaus is a European car specialist and general automotive workshop located at 24 Radius loop in Bayswater.

We offer a complete range of repairs, from logbook services, brakes, and suspension repairs to engine, transmission and auto electrical repairs, including state-of-the-art diagnostic scan tools.



Our technicians have over 80 years combined experience and are well trained in working with all makes and models of European vehicles.



As an independent workshop, we take the time to keep you updated on every step of the process, as we respect and appreciate your time with us.



We provide only the best in automotive parts choosing only factory grade parts as replacements as opposed to workshops who use second hand/ non-genuine parts.