Cooling System

Maintaining your automobile’s cooling system will prevent expensive repairs caused by overheating. Our staff of certified technicians understand Cooling System Repair and know how to make sure your vehicle is in good working order.


The vehicle’s cooling system controls engine heat by circulating a liquid coolant throughout the engine. The coolant will become hot and will have to cool off. When this occurs, the coolant flows through the radiator. In the radiator, airflow cools the fluid. Overtime, leaks can form in different components of the cooling system. At the first sign of a leak it’s important to have them fixed to prevent expensive damage to the engine.


The cooling system’s thermostat is a valve that measures and regulates the temperature of coolant. The purpose of coolant is too cool off the engine as it burns fuel. Symptoms of a bad thermostat include a knocking sound when accelerating, low temperature gauge readings, overheating, decrease in fuel economy, and a malfunctioning heater. If you experience any of these issues, bring your car in a soon as possible


The water pump circulates the coolant mixture around the engine, through the heater core to provide cabin heating when needed, and through the radiator to cool the coolant. Typical water pump failures include leaking through the seals, or worn bearings. Water pumps can be belt driven, and a broken belt can cause your vehicle to overheat.


Overtime, the coolant can become corrosive and, if not flushed, can cause problems in the cooling system. At Eurotech Autohaus we recommend that your vehicle’s coolant be flushed on a regular basis to prevent unnecessary damage to the cooling system. Any leaking, brittle, spongy, or cracked hoses should be replaced before the antifreeze is replaced.

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Cooling System

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