Audi SQ5 Turbo Boost Control Repair

This Audi SQ5 came to us in limp mode running a series of faults linked to the Turbo Boost Control and the Turbine Inlet.

For the Audi fans playing along at home we had P00AF00, P004800, P004700, P334800, and P22D200 fault codes showing.

We confirmed the fault from the small turbo VGT motor, we removed it and freed the linkage on the turbo manually. After performing an output test, we found that the motor was still inoperative. A quick remove and dismantle of the electric actuator found a significant carbon particle build up which shows wear on the motor and can cause conductivity issues.

We contact cleaned the circuit board and motor, lubricated the internal gearing, and reinstalled the parts.

Vehicle output test now shows everything working as designed, which if you’ve ever driven an SQ5 you’ll know is incredible performance.

If you’ve got a fault like this and have already taken the steps above, your next port of call is to replace the VGT motor but get in touch first and well see if we can help you too.

At Eurotech Autohaus we love working on, driving, and improving Audis. If you need a mechanical team that love your Audi as much as you do, get in touch today.

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